Poll: Liverpool’s Next Captain?

Who do you think should captain the Reds next season?

No Clear Answer

With multiple key players, it would be a tough choice for any manager to decide who should be Liverpool’s Next Captain. Plenty of valid arguments could be made for a handful of players on the current squad. The problem is there can only be one. What are some of the options Liverpool should weigh?

Stick with the current?

A probable scenario, no changes are made regarding the armband and Henderson remains captain of the club. Should Klopp consider making a change given Hendo has led the team for quite some time with little to show for it? He certainly isn’t getting any younger, It seems as if quite a bit of supporters are hoping for a change. 

Give it to the New Boy?

Virgil Van Dijk seems to be a popular candidate among supporters. While few seem to doubt his skill, loyalty, or leadership ability. He certainly fits the mold and has captain-like characteristics. The most prominent argument made by those who don’t think Virgil should captain the Reds is the fact that he has been with the team for such a short time and simply needs to earn it.

Use it as an incentive?

While it may seem unlikely, it seems to be worth throwing Emre Can in the mix. He has been captaining the side decently frequently lately. Emre has been with Liverpool for a pretty long time now. He has been a consistent contributor in the midfield. Along with showing his ability to get forward and score goals. He also seems to be the most Henderson-like player on the squad.  Would Klopp consider offering the role to Emre to try and leverage him to stay at Anfield with Juventus knocking?

The Darkhorse 

This player is known for getting far too little credit. Frankly, it seems as if he barely, if at all, gets mentioned as a future captain candidate. Roberto Firmino is picked for the starting 11 week in and week out. He is known to be a workhorse in training, and surely Klopp is keen on making him as happy as possible. To ensure he remains part of the squad long term. He surely has the talent and respect. Does he have the leadership qualities needed to be Liverpool’s next captain?

What do you Think?

We want to hear who you think deserves the armband. Did I leave anyone out you think should be considered? Maybe Salah based on his goal scoring ability, work rate, and to keep Real Madrid away? Milner since he has been the consistent number 2? Let us know below in the comments section. YNWA


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